Lahore Polo Club
The Lahore Polo Club is situated in the heart of the city famous for its gardens and historical monuments. Lahore served as a center of activities for many centuries and the Mughal Empire built the famous walled city. Equestrian activities were always appreciated in this region and the local Rajas thoroughly enjoyed the sport of Polo. This hobby was further pursued by the colonial rulers as a result of which a formal Polo Club was setup in the famous Race Course ground. Today the Lahore Polo Club silently stands tall and graceful with an aura of excellence that can be felt by any one who visits the premises.

Evening at Pony Express Restaurant

Riding School
Not many years ago a Riding School was setup in the premises of the Lahore Polo Club seeing the rising interest of the Lahories. Today the riding school caters to men and women of all ages whether the desire is to have the feel of the equestrian skill or the aim is to play the glamorous game of polo. Riders here are taught everything by expert teachers who prepare their students in all areas of Equine activity. There are separate timings, arrangements and rates for students/executives/professionals. The Riding School has the honour of being the only one of its kind that has the latest facility of lights due to which you can enjoy a riding lesson after sunset.

Riding lesson for children.
Riding lesson for exclusives (under floodlit)
Arena Polo (under floodlit)
Stick n Ball lessons by professionals.
Horse Jumping.
Lessons in stable management.

Admission fee (non-refundable)
Charges for Students.
Charges for Business Executives.
 Show jumping training charges.

6 days a week (Rs. 8,000/-) Per Month
3 days a week (Rs. 6,000/-) Per Month
2 days a week (Rs. 5,000/-) Per Month
1 day a week   (Rs. 4,000/-) Per Month

 1 Lesson Only  (Rs.700/- once only)
Separate package for groups.
No registration fee.
Each class consist of 45 minutes duration.


7.00 AM to 7.45 AM
7.45 AM to 8.30

  3.00 PM to 3.45 PM
 3.45 PM to 4.30 PM

 4.30 PM to 5.15 PM

6.30 AM TO 7.15 AM
7.15 AM TO 8.00 AM

6.00 PM TO 6.45 PM
6.45 PM TO 7.30 PM
7.30 PM TO 8.15 PM

Other Activities
Training for Polo
Practice Chukkers
Riding Competitions
Field trips
Complimentary passes for Polo matches

How to apply and who to contact
Step 1: Visit the Lahore Polo Club (Golf Lane, GOR-1, Lahore).
Step 2: Visit the Riding School.
Step 3: Contact the staff at the Riding School.
Step 4: Fill out the necessary information.
Step 5: Submit the charges and the form with the main office.

How to obtain the equipment
There are three tack shops in the vicinity of the Riding School.
You can purchase all the required equipments including:-

Riding Shoes.
Polo Boots.
Riding Chaps.
Head gear.
Entire Horse Tack.

Young students in riding school

Polo Clinic
The Lahore Polo Club has introduced a formal polo clinic for beginners and all those who are interested to improve their playing skills. Experienced instructor cum coach provides the necessary trainning. Main features of the Polo Clinic are given below:-

For Beginners
How to ride a horse in polo style
How to control the mallet and the ball
How to deliver the stroke naturally
Participation in low goal and out of the hat tournaments
for players 
How to improve polo riding skills
How to improve ones swing and stroke
How to improve tactic and game strategy etc.
Gaining experience by participation in polo tournaments

Morning 6 AM to 8 AM
Evening 4 PM to 6 PM

Riding school students being interviewed by BBC correspondent

Lt. Col. (Retd) M. Arsalan Qadeer
Lahore Polo Club
Golf Lane GOR 1
Lahore, Pakistan

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