Season 2006-2007

 Bank Alfalah National Polo Championship for the Quaid-e-Azam Gold Cup 2007 Telecom Polo Cup 4th February- 10th February 2007
 Lindt Aibak Polo Cup 2007 23th January- 28th January 2007
 Home Land Security Polo Cup 2006 26th December- 31st December 2006
 Aqua Fina Punjab Police Polo Cup 2006 20th December- 21st December 2006
 World Call R G Hyder Polo Cup 16th December- 17th December 2006
 Toyo Nasic Polo Cup 27th November- 03rd December 2006
 Future Concern Polo Cup 20th November- 26th Novermber 2006
 TCL Polo Cup 13th November- 19th Novermber 2006

 TCS Polo Cup 06th November - 12th Novermber 2006
 TCS Polo Cup 06th November - 12th Novermber 2006(Main final and Subsidiary Matches)
 PACE Private Limited Polo Cup 29th October - 05th Novermber 2006


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